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1719 Montford Drive
Charlotte, NC 28209

p. 704-5BARKER (522-7537)
fax. 704-522.7536


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Would you travel four miles in the snow, barefoot, uphill, to play with your friends...at The Barker Lounge?
Bianca would...

And then there's Loki...the mere mention of The Barker Lounge sends him into a frenzy!

Read what our other customers are saying about The Barker Lounge!

I love the Barker Lounge. Convenient, Fairly Priced, Super Friendly staff, accommodating, knowledgable, etc. I really can't say enough good things about the time Nanook has spent there. It makes me happy to know he is in good hands, spends time with other huskies, and gets to play all day. Thank you!!

I was stranded due to the weather on my vacation, Willow was being boarded and I could not pick her up. I called Barker Lounge and they quickly put me at ease telling me they would take care of her as long as needed and she was very happy playing with all her friends and even had extra treats and food for her if needed. I finally got home and she was such a happy tired out pup! I truly believe she was more depressed than I that the vacation was over!!! Thank you Barker Lounge, you guys are the BEST!!!!

Dear Barker Lounge – our Brittany “Ruby” has been spending great days at Barker Lounge for almost a year now. We can tell her it is a “Barker” day in the morning and she looks at her chain to get ready to go. Barker Lounge is operated by very competent, dog loving people, that allow the dogs to play and socialize in a monitored setting. It is wonderful to pick up a happy and tired “Barker Girl” after work. I can’t thank Barker Lounge enough for being such an important part of our dog’s beginning socializing skills and knowing she is happy for our day at work.

I cannot begin to express how grateful I am that you were able to give Lily (our basset hound) a warm, safe home during the power outages after Superstorm Sandy. You provided us with peace of mind, and Lily with love and affection, during a very difficult time. I really don't know what we would have done if you hadn't been able to take her, but we are so grateful that you provided us with the best solution. Thank you again.

"Hello Barker Lounge! Thank you so much for taking such good care of our Tyson yesterday. He was so energetic when he got home and I kept asking him if he liked The Barker Lounge and he just wagged his tail and gave me a bunch of kisses - I'll take that as a YES!! Although Tyson was a little nervous being around a large group of dogs - your staff assured me that Tyson will get use to it the more he comes to doggie day care. Your staff is wonderful and your facility is awesome - VERY CLEAN!! I was very impressed with the tour - and your kennel area was great! We will definitely see you VERY soon! This is too funny - a friend of mine suggested that, next time, Tyson bring plenty of biscuits to tip the bartender!!!"

“I’d like to thank you for hiring an exceptional staff and cultivating an atmosphere of caring and awareness of the dogs at The Barker Lounge. The staff noticed, before I did, that Reilly wasn’t herself. They alerted me to the fact that she was allergic and less playful. It turns out she has food intolerances. Without your staff raising the concern to me, Reilly may have suffered for a much longer time. I am SO GLAD you provide the service you do. Keep up the good work!! Many thanks!”

“They are attentive to your dogs needs, allowing first timers to slowly get adjusted- both dog and owner. By far they are the best boarding/daycare place that I have ever taken my dogs to. I would highly recommend this place to everyone. You walk away from there knowing your dogs are in good hands.”

This is the ONLY doggie day care place that my dog barks with excitement to get out of the car and go into. That is priceless. He's been to several and always puts the brakes on everywhere else. Thanks!

I wish more things in life could go as smoothly and pleasantly as they do at Barker Lounge! Calls get returned, e-mails get answered, and most importantly our shih tsu Buster is always returned to us healthy and happy. Keep up the great work!!!

“BEST find for our dog! If you have been searching for a place to board your dog or you just need to make sure they are getting all of their exercise, LOOK NO FURTHER. We love the Barker Lounge! The staff is friendly and truly cares about your dog. We struggled when we had to find a place to board our dog Kade - so many were so expensive or had so many add-ons to make sure he wasn't in a cage all day. Barker is an amazing price for the value and truly wants to do what is best for your dog. I recommend Barker Lounge to all the pet parents in the neighborhood when they ask us where we board. I am so glad we found them, makes for a worry-free time when we are away.“

“The only day care/kennel we trust... We've had our dogs stay at the Barker Lounge many times now and had nothing but great experiences with them. We know that they truly care about their dogs unlike most other boarding places. The staff is helpful, energetic and knowledgeable and our dog always has a great time.”

“Wouldn't take my dog anywhere but the Barker Lounge! The Barker Lounge facility and staff are by far the best! I wouldn't think of leaving my 4 year old chocolate lab anywhere else. He's been boarded there many times and goes to daycare and I can say that we have had great experiences. The staff is very caring and you really feel that they know and love your dog.I know when my dog is there, he is in good hands and that gives me peace of mind when we are away from him.”

“This is a long, overdue acknowledgement and thanks for basically saving Mason’s life in April. I think he probably would have developed bloat at some time in his excitable life, and if it had happened when anyone else was in charge (including me) he wouldn’t have made it. We are so grateful that you saw what was happening and got him to a wonderful vet, Dr. Tucker, immediately. It’s been about six weeks now and he’s almost back to his old puppy self. So we’ll be visiting for a fun day later this month. Thank you forever! See you soon!”

“Love it! The Barker Lounge is cool, clean, professional and friendly. Our very energetic dog Sally has a ball there both at doggie day care and when boarding. When she arrives home she is not at all clingy but happy and tired from all the playing! We wouldn't bring her anywhere else. Thanks Barker Lounge.”

“JT Love's the Barker Lounge Our dog JT is a small rambunctious Cocker Spaniel with an endless supply of energy (The entire staff at the Barker Lounge can attest to that!). We love him to death but sometimes we can't keep up so we bring him to the Barker Lounge to can play with his doggie buddies. The staff at the Barker Lounge are phenomenal and absolutely love and attend to every dog that walks through the door. By the end of the day when we come to pick him up he is exhausted and sleeps for the next day or two before he is ready for his next trip back to visit his friends. It is very convenient to get to on the way to and from work (close to the parkway entrance/exit) and is very reasonably priced.”

“We just wanted to thank you so much for taking such good care of our little Ginger. It meant so much to us knowing that while we were away, you were there providing a wonderful ‘home away from home’. She loved you guys as much as we know you loved her. Thank you for being so caring.”

“LOVE this place! my dog cant get enough!! i LOVE the barker lounge. my dog wants to go every single day! he sits at my feet while i'm getting ready to go to work and howls at me and when i go to leave he runs around the house until i bring him! he PULLS me into the door and cant get enough of the place! i love the matted floors that they have inside the place and the new turf that they just put outside. the staff is wonderul and and they are always happy to see my dog when he walks in. i have boarded him too without a problem! they even washed his bed before they gave it back to me! highly recommend!!!!!!”

"Our dog is an older fellow and we were very concerned about his being away from us. The staff at Barker's Lounge did everything to accommodate him, including providing him with his own play room to sleep in because of his arthritis so he wouldn't have to deal with the stairs. I also knew he would be depressed and wouldn't eat well. They put canned chicken in his food to get him to eat. We were also told that on the last day when he was given a bath, he was carried up and down the stairs. We feel that the staff at Barker's Lounge went above and beyond to take care of our boy. We would highly recommend Barker's Lounge to anyone! Thanks again for giving us peace of mind."

The Barker Loung lounge does not disappoint! The service and care provided by the staff is always top notch- and Simba seems to really like her friends. When she first started coming she was quite timid and tentative- now she runs right in. Thank you again.

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Sammy is a great girl who participates in daycare every single day at our New Jersey facility and absolutely LOVES it! Sammy is a pit/boxer mix and full of love and energy. She is extremely loyal and looking for her forever home. Until then, she continues to spend her days socializing with her friends in daycare. Sammy is spayed and up to date on all her vaccinations.

For more information on Sammy, please email info@thebarkerlounge.com.

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