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What does your dog do all day?

Chew your sofa? Romp through your laundry? Or just lay around bored and lonely waiting for you to return home? Upon your return home from a long day of work, when you’d like nothing more than to sit back and relax, are you greeted by an energetic pooch just waiting for your time and attention?

Enter...the Barker Lounge.

Much like you and I, dogs are social creatures who need exercise and stimulation of both the mind and body. Here at THE BARKER LOUNGE®, we provide a supervised environment as a healthy means for socialization, exercise, and stimulation. ALL OF OUR GUESTS PARTICIPATE IN OUR SUPERVISED “ALL DAY CAGE-LESS DAYCARE”. So while you are at work, away on vacation, or simply running a few errands, your dog will spend the day expending his energy in our many indoor and outdoor doggie play areas with all of his canine companions.

What will my dog be doing all day at daycare?

Whether staying for just the day, or spending a night or two, all dogs at THE BARKER LOUNGE® will participate in supervised daycare for the entire day. All day long, all dogs have access to both our indoor and outdoor doggie play areas. There will be ample opportunity for wrestling, playing on our jungle gyms, swimming, fetching, playing tug-of-war, running, napping, playing ball, chasing bubbles, meeting new friends, and catching up with old ones.

At lunch time, all of our pooches have an opportunity to take a nap and re-energize, to eat a hearty lunch, to continue to play play play straight through the day, or to simply kick back and sip on an ice cold glass of water with a little umbrella in it while exchanging phone numbers with the cute Collie from around the way. Whatever it is that your dog prefers, we can guarantee that we will return you a happy and tired pooch.

Is doggie daycare safe?

Your dog’s safety is our number one priority. The Barker Lounge requires a thorough evaluation of all of our guests prior to using our Doggie Daycare or Boarding services. The evaluation involves a completed application, proof of required vaccinations, and a full free trial day of daycare to thoroughly evaluate the compatibility of your dog with this type of environment. (see “Requirements” for more info.)

Once the evaluation process has been completed and your dog begins participating in our doggie day care, he will be grouped only with friends of similar size and temperament and become part of a carefully managed doggie group. While the adolescents are bouncing off the walls, the puppies will spend the day learning to socialize, and the seniors will have their own space to relax and enjoy the day at their own pace, with plenty of TLC from their human companions.

All staff members must complete an extensive two month training course in which they are trained in all aspects of specialized pet care, including Pet First Aid and CPR, pet health and safety, animal handling, management of behavioral issues, identification of distress and potential emergencies, feeding, and administration of medication and special name a few.

Our doggie day care system is part of an Animal Management Program that is unparalleled in the doggy world! Designed with the assistance of a well known behaviorist and industry veteran of nearly 20 years, the program is the reason that “The Barker Lounge” has been, and continues to be, equated with nothing less than the highest quality of doggy care in the entire pet industry.

When is doggie daycare available?

Daycare is available 7 DAYS A WEEK...ALL YEAR LONG!
Reservations are never necessary...just pop in any day.

On major holidays, daycare is only available to our boarding guests.

What do I need to do in order to sign up for daycare?

See "Requirements."

For pricing and other specific information on our Daycare services, please choose a location near you.


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