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Would you travel four miles in the snow, barefoot, uphill, to play with your friends?
Bianca would...

And then there's Loki...the mere mention of The Barker Lounge sends him into a frenzy!

Read what our other customers are saying about The Barker Lounge!

"I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the staff at the Barker Lounge! I am obsessed, and I mean obsessed with my dashchund, Buddy. He never leaves my lap, drives my car, and goes everywhere with me. So, when I had to go on a trip that wouldn't allow pets, I was forced to find him a loving place to stay. I can't tell you how much I love the Barker Lounge staff! They take great care of Buddy, and really understand his personality. They get excited to see him, as now I bring him more often since he is getting used to it. The facility smells great, and when he comes back, he smells like he was at the spa!!! I really feel I could not leave him in better hands. They truly care about their pets stay, and do everything they can to make them happy away from home. I can't say enough about the great owners, the staff, the facility, and how wonderful it feels to leave Buddy knowing that others love him too, and will make him feel happy! There is no other place I would ever leave him." - Buddy's Mommy

"The services we receive at the Barker Lounge far exceed any other. We have always been satisfied, but I have to say this last boarding experience was truly beyond expectations. My Charlie has been having seizures and has been placed on medications to control them. I was worried about leaving him because the medications have to be given 12 hours apart, and they were being boarded over the weekend. The minute I asked Lory if I shoul d make other arrangements, she had a quick and perfect reply. She did not hestitate at all to offer a solution to my worries. I have never felt more comfortable leaving my pups anywhere. I know they are receiving attention, enjoying play time, but most of all I don't worry about wether or not they are being cared for properly. Lory had actually told me one time that my pups were loved and were family. I truly believe that is the case with the Barker Lounge. I could never fully explain how thankful I am for Lory and the Barker Lounge staff."

“The PERFECT place!! We have lived in and boarded our dog in many cities including Nashville, Chicago, and Indianapolis. The Barker Lounge is the first and now only place we LOVE and TRUST to take care of our dogs when we have to travel without them. Before coming to the Barker Lounge we were paying many extra fees to let our dog have 20 minutes of playtime out of her crate, now she and our new dog get to play hard all day without any extra fees. This is also the first and only place our dog has not been reluctant to leave me...actually she is excited to come knowing she gets to play with new friends. She now eats all her food when we're gone (they put chicken stock on it), at other kennels she hardly ate. Lori knows us by name and our dogs making it personal and not just another dog/owner. The staff is friendly and great with our dogs. I no longer worry about them when we leave because I know they are in good hands having a great time with the staff and other dogs. We love the Barker Lounge and will go no where else but here! We tell everyone about it and so should you!!”

“This was the very best place we've found in our travels for Izzy, our very spoiled Isabella & Tan Dachshund. We were at your facility the last week of October and entrusted Izzy to your day-care. We were amazed.....so much so, we brought him back to day-care for two more days during our stay in the area. In February, we had traveled to Miami, FL for the Superbowl (GO SAINTS - WHO DAT) and we took Izzy with us. Needless to say, we experienced several "upscale" boarding/day-care facilities on that trip. While they were "good", NONE compared with the Barker Lounge in Sevierville, TN. The owners were great, took us on a complete tour and we remarked how there was NO doggy or kennel odor throughout the entire facility. Five stars are not enough to rate this place.....it's truly the best we've ever seen.”

“Our dog is like our child so we where very skepital about taking him anywhere. We decided to stop by and check them out. The staff was great, they walked us around the property and explained just what they do. Socks (our dog) has been there for daycare and now we are planning to kennel him. The great thing about this place is your dog isn't cooped up in a cage all day. They are out playing and getting attention from the employees. They warned us that he would be tired for a few days after daycare and they wheren't kidding, he slept for 2 days! “

“My Boston Terrier, Nuggett, loves the Barker Lounge! He has so many friends there. The staff is exceptional and friendly. Lori, the owner, really cares about the animals. Nuggett is so tired from playing, when he comes home, he is all tuckered out. Nuggett is very hyper and full of energy. The Barker Lounge has really been great for him and has allowed him to burn up alot of that energy. I can say, "Do you want to go to the Barker Lounge?" and he gets so excited! He knows exactly what I am talking about. He absolutely loves it! We are so glad the Barker Lounge came to Sevierville, TN!!”

“Truly exceptional place to take your pets. Professional yet personable, very clean and reasonable pricing. Pets get to interact (no cages) under constant supervision. My dog goes 2 or 3 times a week. He really lives for these visits; would rather be at Barkers then home with us. “

“The Barker Lounge exceeded our expectations by far. They are beyond professional in their every day services and love our dogs like they were their own. This is the only place where they give our dogs 100% attention. We have two high energy dogs which require lots of exercise and here they recieve it each and every time we bring them in for day care. I highly recommend anyone to check them out.”

“OMG !! We liked EVERYTHING !!! My little boy and I were so lucky to have found The Barker Lounge !! I have never seen or used a Doggy Daycare as good as this one. I have a 5 month old Black, White and Gray spotted Mini Dachshund. He is so spoiled everyone says his embilical is still attached to me. I can't help it, he's my baby. On his first day there, he met a new friend instantly and I could tell he played all day cause he was a tired boy and slept real good that night. I took him a second day and a third day. He got one on one attention from Carly and Wendy. He sucked it up like a lolli pop too !! LOL. The day care is very clean and the staff are very friendly. I stayed a while and peeked in on him playing. We couldn't be any happier with them nor our little boy. I probably shouldn't say this either but, I am anyway. We needed a pet friendly Hotel and Carly took the time to help us find a Hotel. She was a blessing !!! My personal experience,, This is a 10 star Doggy Daycare !!!! I so very much wish there was one in Ft. Myers Florida. Sevierville is very lucky to have The Barker Lounge !!!! Very trust worthy and I absolutely, highly recommend The Barker Lounge to anyone who loves their dog as much as we do. Thank you so very much Carly and Wendy and PLEASE stay there !! See yall on our next trip for sure !!!”

“Nothing but amazing! I can not express how thankful I am to have found The Barker Lounge. I treat my dog like my child and I was so comfortable with the care my dog recieved, the comfort of my dog (in bording or day care), and I loved the personal touches that they added like cleaning my dog's bedding when I picked her up. I think my dog was actually sad everytime I picked her up from day care. She LOVES it there. I recently moved and Lois and Larry (the owners) were kind enough to write my dog a recomendation letter for her new doggie day care. They were always so wonderful to me and my dog and I would recomend The Barker Lounge to any parent of a well cared for dog.”

“Absolutely Wonderful!! The Barker Lounge is absolutely fabulous! My little corgi always has such a great time there and I feel 100% comfortable and confident leaving him there whether its daycare or an overnight stay. The owners and staff genuinely care about the dogs and treat my baby as if he was their own! The facility is awesome and a virtual doggie heaven, not to mention it is so clean and organized! I would highly recommend them for daycare and boarding, and daycare is such a good option especially for a dog with a lot of energy like mine, he comes home and sleeps like a baby, it makes for a happy dog and an even happier owner! We are so lucky to have found the Barker Lounge, I don't know what I would do without them!”

“AWESOME place for dogs!! My 5 year old lab, Beau, LOVES the Barker Lounge. I love it too because they take excellent care of him. When he stayed recently for a few nights, we didn't think about Beau's eating habits. He eats his meals when we sit down and eat our meals. Lori figured out Beau wasn't eating the first night until she went in to give him his ear medicine. He promptly went over and started to eat. From then on, when it was mealtime, Lori or an employee went in and sat with Beau while he ate. I appreciate all of the extra care they give him and recommend the Barker Lounge to everyone that loves their dog!”

“A Home Away From Home Where do I begin. What a excellent experience. We moved to Tenn. 2 years ago and this is the first time that we boarded out 15 year old maltese Boomer. We were so nervous about leaving him. We were invited to come to the Meet and Greet about a week before we were to leave him to see how he got along with everyone. Boomer had the time of his life! The staff is wonderful with the dogs. I can't say enough good things about Barker Lounge. Boomer stayed 4 days with them and had such a good time that he slept 4 days straight after he got home. They take care of these animals as if they all belonged to them. Boomer has found his home away from home. Thank you so much for all the tender care and love you give these animals. What a Wonderful Place!!!!”

"Great Place & Peace of Mind! I just had to let everybody know that looks at this location my feelings. I have a Chinese Crested named "Gracie" & she is my precious Lil' Baby. I recently went for a day visit to the Barker Lounge & was VERY impressed that they allowed me to take a tour of the facility. Being a concerned parent for Gracie, I watched the owner Lori like a hawk! I noticed that she did not send a notice to anyone that they needed to be ready for a show. Taking a tour of the facility in what I would call "the raw" everyone was taking GREAT care of all the 4 legged babies there. The staff was very imformative and showed sincere care @ Gracie. I was inquiring @ boarding Gracie for the week. Lori asked me to bring Gracie in for a FREE day of Doggie Daycare so she could meet the staff & have a day of play to help her settle in a lil more easier. Upon the actual boarding day all of Gracies' belongings were logged & special instructions & contact info verified. Lori also informed me to please call as much as I wanted to insure my babies well being & emailed photos to me while I was away on my trip. I will definately, continue to spread the news @ The Barker Lounge in Sevierville, Tn"

“Gracie Mae and Milo This is an email snippet from a couple weeks ago and I wanted to share it with those interested in using The Barker Lounge here in Sevierville...We are already on another business trip and are by no means worried about the quality of care our dogs are experiencing...In fact I am jealous as I sit in this hot airport wondering if the dogs would let me join them in their pools... "I wanted to send you this picture from this morning when we checked in Milo and Gracie. As you can see, Gracie was quite stoked about leaving us behind to enjoy her new friends and torturing you with endless naggings of “Ball” “Ball” “Ball” “Ball”…. I also wanted to say thank you for being so wonderful with our animals ! Since we travel so much, our “pack” is separated much more than I would like but because of your services, techniques and professionalism, you are providing a peace of mind no one else has been able to provide! I have no worries as we leave for overseas for 2 weeks, that everything will be fine and if something does happen, I have full faith that it will be handled as professionally and with much care as you do with everything else....." With many Respects, Brian and Charlotte Gilbert”

“The Barker Lounge Rescued Our Family On Tue, 07 Sep 2010 11:16:05 -0400, Linda Rothwell wrote: Just wanted to say that the Barker Lounge is WONDERFUL! We have a recently diagnosed diabetic West Highland Terrier who we almost lost while trying to get him under control. I was very stressed about leaving him and our eleven year old Lab, who had suffered a Fibrocartilageous Embolism (FCE) in 2004 at the age of five and has residual weakness in her back legs, with anyone except our family or the Vet. Now, just to attend a UT football game seemed impossible after Harry's diagnosis. The Barker Lounge has been a life saver! Our dogs could not have received more attention or been better cared for anywhere else. Their facility is immaculate, the staff is friendly and great with the dogs. When I picked them up they were not dragging me to the door, they were very comfortable with their new friends. We know Harry and Maggie are in excellent hands whenever we need a "sitter" for any occasion. THANKS SO MUCH LORY,LARRY, AND STAFF. YOU ARE THE GREATEST and THE BARKER LOUNGE IS THE BEST!!! Dr. Michael and Linda Rothwell Sevierville, TN”

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